European Bioimaging Facility Survey Report

This report describes the results of a survey undertaking by NatMEG (the Swedish national facility for magnetoencephalography;, performed under the auspices of Swedish Bioimaging. The three Swedish national imaging facilities (MEG, 7T MRI, PET-MR) are all fairly new and their user base and establishment for applications in research and clinical applications is not complete. They are also in various phases of adoption, for which reason it could be expected that operating models for such facilities are varying. The aim of the survey was to understand the operating environments and operating models of such imaging facilities within a European context, as well as the circumstances under which the facilities have been installed. Possibly even the survey could shed a little light on how to facilitate adoption and progress further. Results show, among other things, that facilities with a national mission provide a wider range of services, together with an increased staffing, jointly indicating more comprehensive ambitions in supporting, teaching and facilitating nationwide adoption of the method.


Posted in Allmän.