Bioimaging methods are today an integral part in both biomedical research and clinical practice, and spans the full spectrum from molecule to man. Swedish Bioimaging is a research infrastructure offering researchers at all Swedish universities access to such techniques. Currently, Swedish Bioimaging has responsibility primarily for techniques within medical imaging, whereas light microscopy techniques are provided by the National Microscopy Infrastructure.

In addition, Swedish Bioimaging serves as a forum for collaboration and interaction between Swedish researchers with an interest in the field, e.g. by arranging courses and workshops within the bioimaging field.

Since international collaboration often is required for research infrastructures, we collaborate with corresponding organizations at the European level as well as in the neighbouring countries:

Norway: Nor-Bioimaging (http://www.norbioimaging.no)

Denmark: Danish Bioimaging Network (http://www.danishbioimaging.dk)

Finland: Finnish Euro-Bioimaging (http://www.eurobioimaging.fi)

Europe: Euro-Bioimaging (http://www.eurobioimaging.eu) is an ESFRI infrastructure currently being formed by 15 member countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).