What would Euro-Bioimaging membership mean for Swedish researchers? Workshop December 7th in Stockholm.

Since RFI (VR’s Råd för forskningens infrastrukturer) published last Monday (15 Oct.) its Guide to the Research Infrastructure, it is now clear that Swedish membership in Euro-Bioimaging is included among the areas eligible for application in next year’s RFI call (15 Jan. – 19 Febr.). Euro-Bioimaging is a large-scale pan-European research infrastructure consortium (ERIC) for biological and medical imaging, providing access, service and training to state-of-the-art imaging technologies.

We would like to make Swedish researchers more aware of the possibilities that would be opened by a Swedish membership and are therefore arranging a workshop trying to describe the potential advantages of such a membership for Swedish researchers. The workshop will be held on Friday, 7 Dec. 2018, between 9:30 and 15:30 at Hotel C, Vasaplan 4, Stockholm (next to the railway station). In addition to explaining how the organization works, we hope to give a few examples of novel imaging techniques that may be accessible in the future.

Confirmed international speakers:
John Eriksson, Turku, Finland
Silvio Aime, Milan, Italy
Jason Swedlow, Dundee, UK

A full program, with additional international and Swedish speakers, will be announced at http://bioimaging.se.

To register for the workshop (which is free of charge), please visit
by 29 Nov.

Hoping to see many of you in Stockholm on Dec. 7,

Örjan Smedby
Director, Swedish Bioimaging

Hjalmar Brismar
Director, NMI

European Bioimaging Facility Survey Report

This report describes the results of a survey undertaking by NatMEG (the Swedish national facility for magnetoencephalography; www.natmeg.se), performed under the auspices of Swedish Bioimaging. The three Swedish national imaging facilities (MEG, 7T MRI, PET-MR) are all fairly new and their user base and establishment for applications in research and clinical applications is not complete. They are also in various phases of adoption, for which reason it could be expected that operating models for such facilities are varying. The aim of the survey was to understand the operating environments and operating models of such imaging facilities within a European context, as well as the circumstances under which the facilities have been installed. Possibly even the survey could shed a little light on how to facilitate adoption and progress further. Results show, among other things, that facilities with a national mission provide a wider range of services, together with an increased staffing, jointly indicating more comprehensive ambitions in supporting, teaching and facilitating nationwide adoption of the method.


Summary of Swedish Bioimaging survey results

We thank all of you who participated in our survey concerning Swedish Bioimaging and the need for a Swedish imaging community in the future. The results of our survey indicate that there is indeed a need for such a national organization in the future, and the next few years we will therefore focus on this goal in our work towards VR-RFI and other relevant partners, including the new National Microscopy Infrastructure. Summary of survey results

For Swedish Bioimaging,

Örjan Smedby, Director
Karl-Eric Magnusson, Chairman of the board
Kajsa Holmgren Peterson, Research coordinator

NEUBIAS: Network of European BioImage Analysts

There is a newly started resource, NEUBIAS: Network of European BioImage Analysts (an EU COST action), focusing on the quantitative measurement of biological systems by processing multidimensional image data.

Already in September there will be a course on Image analysis and Scientific Programming organized in Barcelona (travel grant available if applying by July 15). More info here: http://eubias.org/NEUBIAS/?page_id=17

More courses as well as other useful resources will appear here: http://eubias.org/NEUBIAS/

MSc programme in Biomedical Imaging, Turku, Finland, is now open for applications

This Programme aims to train professionals that will have a thorough understanding of diverse imaging technologies along with practical skills in a wide range of imaging methods and applications. Students who have completed a lower university degree equivalent to a Finnish B.Sc. degree are welcome to apply for the programme. The education is given in English.

Please find more detailed information in the programme website: http://www.bioimaging.fi/program/.

In case on any questions, please contact Joanna Pylvänäinen , the coordinator the the programme: jpylvana@abo.fi.

Registration for “Bridging Nordic Imaging” is now open

The registration for the second symposium in the Bridging Nordic Imaging series, Gothenburg April 14th-15th 2016,  is now open for registration. Please see http://ccigothenburg.com/ for more information. Swedish Bioimaging is also happy to announce ten grants for covering travel and accomodation costs for PhD students participating in the symposium, see  Travel grants Bridging Nordic Imaging Gothenburg. Information on the travel grants are also found under About us – Further information on this website.

On April 13th, the day before the Bridging Nordic Imaging symposium, the Swedsih Bioimaging 7th National Meeting is arranged in Gothenburg. More information will be published in December.

Swedish Bioimaging 7th National Meeting and the Second Bridging Nordic Imaging seminar will be arranged in Gothenburg, April 2016

April 13th, 2016, the Swedish Bioimaing 7th National Meeting will be arranged in Gothenburg. The following two days, April 14th and 15th, the second Bridging Nordic Imaging meeting will take place in Gothenburg, so plan for three interesting days. Under “Events & Courses”, information on both events will be updated, and for the Bridging Nordic Imaging seminar, more information is also found here .

National 7T Facility in Lund Inaugurated

May 19th, the national 7T facility in Lund was inaugurated. During the inauguration afternoon, representatives from Lund University and Skåne University Hospital described the process for the project from the start until today as well as the importance of the facility. Two scientific talks were also given by invited guests from the Netherlands. A visit to the facility was also offered. The final programme is found here and first images from the 7T facility can be found at Lund University news web
The 7T facility is part of Swedish Bioimaging.

7T inaug FS2

Prof. Freddy Ståhlberg, Director of Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC),
at the inauguration ceremony. Photo by Anders Follin.