National workshop on PET/MRI, Uppsala, June 11-12 2018

11 Jun 2018 - 12 Jun 2018

Integrated PET/MRI scanners, which have recently become commercially available, are an important tool for
both clinical research and basic research. Such scanners are still not available at most university hospitals, and
therefore a national facility is needed, like the one created at Uppsala University in 2014 with funding mainly from

This conference will deal with clinical as well as research use of the technique. This includes
clinical indications for its use and guidelines for applying the technique, primarily in
oncological research. Current clinical research using the PET/MRI technique will be presented.
Of particular interest is the synergy effect attained by fusioning information from PET
using different tracers with that from functional MRI.

More information on the program and on how to register will be published soon.