Below is a list of bioimaging facilities in Sweden that are open for external users. First, the national open access facilities part of Swedish Bioimaging are listed with links for information on each of them, and then other facilities follows. If you want a facility to be added to the second part of the list, send an email with description to kajsa.holmgren.peterson@liu.se.


The following medical imaging facilities are open for external users and included in the Swedish Bioimaging infrastructure:

7T MRI, Lund University
7T MRI Lund

PET/MR, Uppsala University
PET/MR Uppsala


The following facilities are also open to external users at the national level:

Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Karolinska institutet
MEG Stockholm

Biochemical Imaging, Centre Umeå, Umeå University, www.kbc.umu.se/platforms/bicu.html
Richard Lundmark et al.
Contact: richard.lundmark@medchem.umu.se

Centre for Cellular Imaging Sahlgrenska Academy, www.cf.gu.se/english/Centre_for_Cellular_Imaging/
Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez
Contact: juliafer@cci.sahlgrenska.gu.se

IFSU, Imaging Facility at Stockholm University,  www.su.se/mbw/imaging-facility
Stina Höglund et al.
Contact: stina.hoglund@wgi.su.se

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), Umeå University, Umeå. http://www.kbc.umu.se/english/ucem/sem/
Linda Sandblad, Bernt-Eric Uhlin
Contact: Cheng Choo Lee (Nikki) cheng.choo.lee@umu.se or Linda Sandblad linda.sandblad@umu.se

Advanced Light Microscopy (Superresolution microscopy) , SciLifeLab/KTH, Stockholm. http://www.scilifelab.se/facilities/alm/
Hjalmart Brismar et al.
Contact: hans.blom@scilifelab.se

Small animal MRI and nanoPET-CT, Umeå University.
Helena Edlund et al.
Contact MRI: Greger Orädd (greger.oradd@umu.se) or Ana Virel (ana.virel@umu.se)
Contact PET/CT: Stefan Nilsson (stefan.k.nilsson@umu.se), Madelene Ericsson (madelene.ericsson@umu.se) or Jan Axelsson (axelsson.jan@gmail.com)
Contact UCCB (animal facility): Leif Carlsson (leif.carlsson@umu.se)

CLICK Karolinska Institutet, BIC. https://ki.se/en/research/biomedicum-imaging-core-bic
Per Uhlén
Contact: per.uhlen@ki.se  or goran.mansson@ki.se

BioVis Platform of Uppsala University, Rudbeck laboratoriet Uppsala University. www.biovis.uu.se
Contact: dirk.pacholsky@igp.uu.se

Confocal microscopy.Biocenter and Department of Plant Biology.
Alena Minina.
Contact:  Alena.Minina@slu.se

The Non-linear Microscopy Facility Chalmers University of Technology. www.chalmers.se/en/departments/chem/research/lifescience/molecular-microscopy
Annika Enejder et al.
Contact: enejder@chalmers.se

The Human Protein Atlas program Royal Institute of Technology. www.proteinatlas.org
Mathias Uhlén et al
Contact:  mathias.uhlen@scilifelab.se

Vibrational Spectroscopy Vibrational Spectroscopy Core Facility KBC Umeå University/SLU. www.kbc.umu.se/service.html
András Gorzsás et al.
Contact: andras.gorzsas@chem.umu.se

Optical imaging facilities, Linköping University. www.hu.liu.se/forskning/cf/mikroskopienheten?l=sv
Karl-Eric Magnusson et al
Contact: vesa.loitto@liu.se

LCI, Live Cell Imaging Unit, Dept of Biosciences and Nutrition, KI
Contact: Sylvie Le Guyader, sylvie.le.guyader@ki.se

IMSI Imaging mass spectrometry infrastructure at Chalmers and Gothenburg Universities. SIMS, nanoSIMS and MALDI imaging.
Andrew Ewing et al.
Contact: Per Malmberg, malmper@chalmers.se, info@ncims.se 

Multiphoton microscopy focusing on deep tissue imaging – SkinResQU, Biomedical photonics group, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg
Marica B. Ericson et al.
Contact: marica.ericson@gu.se

NCMSI – National Center for Mass Spectrometry Imaging. Uppsala University
http://www.ncmsi.org and http://www.farmbio.uu.se/Plattformar/NCMSI/
Contact: Per Andrén, per.andren@farmbio.uu.se

Diagnostic Radiology, Umeå University. http://www.radsci.umu.se/om-institutionen/diagnostisk-radiologi
Katrine Åhlström Riklund & Anders Sundin
Contact: anders.sundin@radiol.uu.se or katrine.riklund.ahlstrom@diagrad.umu.se

WIPPET – Preclinical PET Platform, Uppsala University. http://www.pet.medchem.uu.se/
Contact for preclinical studies: Sergio Estrada, sergio.estrada@pet.medchem.uu.se
Contact for radiochemisty: Gunnar Antoni, gunnar.antoni@pet.medchem.uu.se

Cell profiling
Imaging facility at Science for Life Laboratory, KTH.
Director: Mathias Uhlén
Contact: emma.lundberg@scilifelab.se
Web: www.scilifelab.se/facilities/cellprofiling

The Jonasson Centre for Medical Imaging, KTH, Flemingsberg, Stockholm,.
The centre provides access to clinical MRI, animal PET/CT, photoacoustic and other ultrasound imaging techniques as well as super-resolution light microscopy.
Director: Örjan Smedby
Contact: Dmitry Grishenkov, dmitry.grishenkov@sth.kth.se
Web: http://www.kth.se/en/jcmi/jonassons-centrum-for-medicinsk-avbildning-1.742222