National Facility: Magnetoencephalography at Karolinska Institutet

The NatMEG facility is Sweden’s first and only laboratory for whole-head MEG measurements and was inaugurated in October 2013. The core system is a state-of-the-art 306-channel system for MEG measurements (Elekta Neuromag TRIUX) with an integrated 128-channel EEG system, a 2-layer magnetically shielded room (MSR), and related amplifiers and acquisition systems. The lab is uniquely equipped with wide array of best-available equipment for sensory stimulation, measurement of psychophysiology, and behaviour : all handpicked, modified, installed and verified in the MEG environment.

The MEG facility has users from (a) cognitive neuroscience; (b) clinical neuroscience; (c) MEG instrumentation; (d) clinical pre-surgical localisation of epileptogenic activity, and functional localisation; and (e) computational modelling of neuronal activity. Users are given support for setup, quality control, scientific evaluation and signal processing.

Analysis of the MEG signal and adherent time series of EEG, psycho-physiological and related variables is complex and demanding. Major open source collections of analysis programs such as FieldTrip and Minimum Norms Estimate are installed, and NatMEG regularly arranges lectures, trainings and analysis workshops for Swedish and international attendees. As MEG analysis is new to the Swedish user community, the computational expertise among the users is an important limitation and big efforts are focused to give appropriate and scalable support.


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Interested in using the facility?
To initiate a project at the NatMEG facility, please see here for detailed information. Projects are given access based solely on scientific quality, and prior to start all projects are scrutinised by external MEG experts to develop experimental protocols and educate users.

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