National Facility: 7T MRI at Lund University


The application for the national 7T facility was submitted to the Swedish research council (VR) in April 2010. Applicants were representing Lund University (LU), Umeå University, Uppsala University, the Karolinska Institute, Linköping University and Gothenburg University. The application was granted in late 2011 by VR/RFI. In February 2012, the purchase contract was signed between Lund University (equipment), Region Skåne (building) and the vendor (Philips). The vendor provides equipment as well as building for the scanner. The national 7T facility is owned by LU via Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC), it is placed centrally at Skåne University Hospital, Lund (SUS, Lund), and will be operated within the Department of Medical Imaging and Physiology (Verksamhetsområde Bild och Funktion, VO BoF) at SUS. The 7T site falls within VO BoF under the section of Neuroradiology. In close proximity to the 7T facility another two scanners (Siemens 3T and 1.5T) are located and an additional 3 MR scanners (one 3T and two 1.5T) are located in house.

The 7T system consists of a basic system package at delivery and an upgrade plan, in turn consisting of pre-defined upgrades and funds for future, not already defined upgrades. An additional office and meeting room building is placed on the floor above the 7T facility. The magnet arrived in December 2014, the first human images were obtained in early May 2015 and the estimated operative start time for the facility is autumn 2015.


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Boel Hansson, 7T Research nurse, BOF, SUS Lund +46-46 177014

Karin Markenroth Bloch, PhD MR Physicist, Philips,
+46-46 177023, +46-708 322504

Markus Nilsson, PhD
MR Physicist, LBIC, LU +46-702 523745

Gunter Helms, Assoc. Prof., Senior lecturer MR physics
Dept. of Medical Radiation Physics, LU +46-725 439323