National facility: PET/MR at Uppsala University

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The Uppsala PET centre is well known for its established PET chemistry with a world-wide recognition. It has the largest track-record in the world of bringing new PET ligands into man. In parallel to this, there has for more than 20 years been an intensive research in the field of MRI with more than 30 dissertations originating from the MRI-centre at Uppsala University. A clinical PET/MRI system funded by VR was installed in Uppsala in October 2014. The integration of PET and MRI is becoming a reality, not only with the new PET/MR equipment, but also by the fact the installation itself physically connects the PET Centre, MRI and cyclotron facilities located centrally within the university hospital. The facility is of a wide national interest with its governance by Swedish BioImaging. It also supports the previous investments such as SciLife, U-CAN and EpiHealth in which most Swedish Universities are already involved. The aim of the PET/MRI platform is not only to offer access time for research projects, but also to facilitate the build-up of a unique imaging “Biobank”, including approximately 4,000 subjects (approximately 40% of the scanning time) recruited from the U-CAN and EpiHealth cohorts during 5 years, to be made available to researchers within Sweden and prioritised by Swedish BioImaging. Individual researchers can, in parallel, also apply for access to patient and subject data from the U-CAN and EpiHealth records as well as “imaging biobank” information.

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Interested in using the facility?
Form for applying for using the facility, first step:  Application form or Application form (word). Please send the application to Anders Lundberg, The form for application could also be ordered directly from Anders Lundberg. A list of research projects at the facility is found at and an application form is found there as well.

Håkan Ahlström, Professor, M.D.

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